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Listed below are some trends in food, nutrition, and health

  • Sea change in beverages: Soft drink brands like PepsiCo and Coca-Cola have long been the defining brands of the beverage market but they have reached the high water mark and the tide is now going out on their businesses.

They are being replaced with a host of brands with a variety of health benefits, from fruit waters to plant waters. A few of these thousands of start-ups will succeed, but 90% will fail, usually because of poor taste performance and/or inability to secure distribution (because partnership with a big company is still necessary in many countries to get access to distribution).

  • Sugar suspicions: Increasing consumer concerns about sugar, coupled with a turning away from non-calorific sweeteners of all kinds, mean that even diet versions of traditional brands are collapsing.
  • Technology: A host of websites, apps and social media platforms enable consumers to do their own research about food and health. With this steadily increasing knowledge people feel more confident to create personalised healthy eating patterns and dietary choices and conduct their own personal eating experiments to find what works for them.
  • Loss of trust in expert health advice: Frequent changes in dietary advice have created consumer skepticism about the “expert opinions” of dietitians and nutrition researchers, just at the moment when technology has made it easier for people to find the answers for themselves.